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Greetings Carol,

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier. My name is Rad Komissar, and I am the Informatics Specialist here at Zoobook Systems -- the BEST Electronic Health Records and true practice management provider you've probably never heard of.

Carol, what are some day to day challenges that you face in your treatment facility? The reason I ask is I would like to understand you struggles so I can point out how we can save you more time and money whether you are already using a system or still operating under pen and paper conditions. By evaluating your headaches, we can immediately assess if your facility and Zoobook Systems are a good fit for each other. This ensures we don't unnecessarily waste each other's time.  

You see, I talk to a lot of people in this industry and the overwhelming majority are not too happy with their current EHR / EMR system. Some of the things they complain about are:

-- Poor visual design / graphics

-- Ease of use

-- Inefficiency

-- Unintuitive and difficult to learn

-- Poor customer service and technical support located overseas

-- Long wait times

-- Endless errors in operations and slow processing speed

-- Security

-- And so on... 

Zoobook Systems on the other hand is engineered quite differently from others with some pretty clever and innovative solutions which should cut the time you waste now by as much as 800% or more thus making your process a 100X more efficient and smooth. Does that sound promising? If yes, allow us to show off our MAGIC and blow you away with ZOOBOOK SYSTEMS

Would it be a bad idea to set up a time for a quick, 30-40 minute inspirational demonstration of what Zoobook has to offer?

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Zoobook Is Not Your Typical EHR System

For close to 9 years , Zoobook Systems was meticulously designed by a treatment facility (Journey To Wellness, Inc) for treatment facilities just like yours, therefore, we know and understand behavioral health, mental health, and addiction first hand which means we know and understand YOU and YOUR FRUSTRATIONS so well we came up with unique and innovative solutions that you have likely NEVER seen before.

See What Our Clients Have To Say About Zoobook Systems:

There is a ton of EHRs / EMRs on the market with flashy websites and big promises but only one winner -- ZOOBOOK SYSTEMS. We've already managed to set a gold-standard among our clients.

Find Out How Zoobook Is Different From Everything Else On The Market

Almost everyone who views our demo is highly impressed because they see a night and day difference with what they have now and what's possible. Call me (Rad) directly at  917.328.4739 or reply with your availability to Book your FREE DEMO TODAY and get ready to be blown out of this world!

Thank you for your time today, Carol. Feel free to call me any time (day or night) with any questions you may have.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rad Komissar
Informatics Specialist of Zoobook Systems LLC

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