A Statement of Trust

Protecting your data is a responsibility that Zoobook Systems takes very seriously. As a result, Zoobook’s commitment to improving clinical and financial outcomes extends to keeping your data safe, secure, and compliant.

Zoobook is hosted on Amazon AWS servers. Amazon cloud security offers a secure data center and network architecture. Data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers and has safeguards in place to protect customer privacy. Additionally, AWS manages dozens of compliance programs within its infrastructure, so common privacy and security requirements are implemented out of the box. See Amazon AWS Security for more information.

Zoobook Systems LLC is:

  • 2015 ONC-ACB certified. This includes certification for:
    • End-User Device Encryption
    • Trusted Connection
    • Integrity
    • Authentication, Access Control, Authorization
    • Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance
    • See CHPL Product Details for a complete list of ONC-ACB Certification Points.
  • HIPAA Compliant – We have a Business Associate Agreement with Amazon AWS. This means AWS is responsible for Cloud infrastructure.

Zoobook Systems LLC employs:

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud – This allows us to launch AWS resources in a virtual network that we define. Firewalls are automatically built into the AVPC. Additionally, AWS allows us to control traffic incoming and outbound at a granular level. This means Zoobook has state of the art protection from external intrusions.

    Say: The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is our private, secure network within the Amazon Web Server. We control all access, into and out of it, and down to individual computer access.

  • Encryption at Rest – Both the application and the data it holds are encrypted at rest. As a result, your data is protected within the application.

    Say: This means that if anyone ever physically stole the hard drives storing you data at Amazon, it will still be encrypted and secure.

  • Encryption in Transit – Emails and faxes sent from Zoobook are also encrypted using SSL and/or PKI protocols. This means any communication sent out of Zoobook is secure and HIPAA compliant.

    Say: In other words, you have the peace of mind that any emails or faxes you send from Zoobook are as protected as your data inside the app.

  • HTTPS Protocol – Zoobook utilizes HTTPS protocols. Any attempt to use an unsecured link (e.g.: HTTP) automatically redirects to HTTPS. This prevents intruders from tampering with any communication between our servers and your web browser.

    Say: Web browsers can be attacked by a variety of malware like keystroke loggers. Zoobook protects your data from these types of attacks out of the box.

Data Backups – Your data is backed up automatically on a daily basis. These backups are stored on AWS servers for 30 days. If any data is lost within that window, it can be recovered efficiently.

Say: If something catastrophic occurs and data is somehow lost, Zoobook backups can be accessed easily and anything you’ve lost can be restored to the app easily.