API Syntax and Resources Documentation

Our API service is powered by EMR Direct’s Interoperability Engine v1.1.2 and implements the following FHIR API standards:

To access our API resources, your application should be capable of connecting to and retrieving data from our FHIR servers. If you are developing a client application that will query HL7 FHIR® data sources enabled by EMR Direct’s Interoperability Engine, please refer to the following resources for detailed information about the technical requirements:

FHIR Base URLhttps://sandbox-r4.interopengine.com/fhir/r4/zoobook
FHIR Base OAuth URLhttps://sandbox-r4.interopengine.com/oauth/zoobook
FHIR Base URLComing soon!
FHIR Base OAuth URLComing soon!
Token {fhirBaseOauthUrl}/token
Token revocation{fhirBaseOauthUrl}/manage

We leverage EMR Direct’s Interoperability Engine Open API to power Zoobook EHR’s FHIR API capabilities. See the Interoperability Engine Terms Of Use.