EHR Systems

Zoobook Systems is an EHR software and practice management solution, built to help busy addiction and mental health facilities achieve real-time clinical compliance, optimize referral sourcing, and capture 100% of billing, so they can grow +50% year-over-year.


For those less familiar with Zoobook Systems

Our EHR systems are trusted electronic records of health-related information of an individual that can be easily created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff within your healthcare organization. Our EHR system is extremely user-friendly, so it’s a breeze to introduce to a new team.

With the rise in demand for telehealth and telemedicine, utilizing our EHR Systems will allow you to track information seamlessly despite helping patients who may live hundreds of miles away from your practice.

Our EHR System Functions

  • Accurately Maintain a Patient Record
  • Manage Patient Demographics
  • Manage Medication Lists
  • Manage Patient History
  • Manage Clinical Documents and Notes
  • Manage Guidelines and Protocols
  • Produce and Record Patient-Specific Instruction
  • And Much More

We Work Alongside You to Deliver Outstanding Results