The True Value of EHR

The True Value of EHR

Through the years, more healthcare institutions have been shifting to EHR in their practice management to further maximize their organizational processes and improve workflow. In fact, certain EHR systems have proven to be effective time management tools even with private clinics as well as mental health and addiction treatment facilities. Clinicians from around the world have been praising the convenience and efficiency that EHR technology has brought to their agencies.

With EHR, an entire clinical organization can go paperless and make all health records, progress notes, patient data, HR reports, attendance records, and administrative functions accessible online. Clinical processes are made more efficient by an intuitive EHR software that allows real-time updating of all records to be securely accessed by authorized clinical personnel on their tablets anytime, anywhere.

Indeed, true functional EHR places a goldmine of information ín every clinician’s fingertips. With just a click of a button on their tablet, clinicians are able to retrieve health records and any data they need for their patient treatment and progress reports.

An efficient EHR system makes way for quality patient care because every step of the treatment can be meticulously documented, with every session recorded beforehand to enable pop-up reminders and also to chart patient progress all throughout their journey to recovery.

One tried and tested EHR system that has been eliciting positive feedback from users is Zoobook System’s revolutionary EHR software, which comes with powerful online tools that are designed to help a clinic become more cost-efficient with its processes and also to help clinicians with proper time management. 

The Zoobook EHR is unparalleled with its complete suite of features that include ePrescription services, customized forms, data import from other EMRs, true integration with laboratories for urine and blood testing, integrated billing and claims services, integrated fax server, integrated HIPAA-compliant text messaging and encrypted email services, and integration with additional software systems.

It comes with a user-friendly interface that is easily customizable for users to personalize their dashboard to suit their daily clinical, patient care, or administrative processes. It also has multi-site programs that enable the organization’s HR to manage trainings and evaluations, schedules,  clinical documents, and other credentials through the Employee Module.

Clinical records can be easily yet securely accessed online anytime. Updates are done instantly in real-time as clinicians can upload their workbooks, progress notes, and practice guides which can benefit other clinicians in their patient treatment as well.

Users of the Zoobook EHR also benefit from unlimited access to Zoobook forms, online training based on their schedule, unlimited data storage capacity on Amazon Cloud servers, as well as reliable helpdesk support via phone, email, and Skype.

The Zoobook EHR is highly recommended for behavioral, mental health, and addiction treatment facilities because its intelligent software enables efficient patient care and progress monitoring complete with analytics from securely collected patient data.

Interested clinicians may avail of the Zoobook EHR free demo to fully appreciate the true value of this unique EHR system. They may call 1-800-995-6997 to request for a free demo or visit the Zoobook Systems website at for further information.

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