Leveraging Data for Healthcare

Leveraging Data for Healthcare

In today’s digital world, almost all aspects of life rely on technology for efficiency and convenience. This is essentially true in the field of medicine and healthcare. Modern healthcare practices involve fully digitizing health records to streamline clinical and HR processes, improve patient monitoring and treatment through online updates, and make it convenient for healthcare workers to share reports and communicate remotely in real-time.

In order to keep pace with the fast-changing world driven by the ever-evolving technological advancements in the field of medicine, healthcare practitioners from all over the world have been migrating their clinical data to electronic health records or EHRs, which exemplify the most beneficial and widespread use of data in healthcare.

With EHR, medical facilities are able to store and regularly update their patients’ health records in digital format. These include vital information such as medical history, laboratory test results, allergies, as well as real-time records of treatment and therapy schedules.

An EHR system can be a treasure trove of patient data that can be securely shared and accessed by both public and private healthcare providers. The best thing about going paperless and having relevant patient data easily available in digital format is that clinicians can modify and update the data as needed as well as save precious time in transmitting such information to other healthcare practitioners who are involved in a patient’s treatment.

Here are some other benefits of using EHR to maximize data in healthcare:


With the wealth of data made available in EHR systems, filing reports become as easy as a few clicks on a clinician’s tablet. It offers efficient communication and sharing of data among healthcare practitioners using relevant data, case studies, reference materials, and patient records that are readily updated in real-time from any location at any time of the day.


Time management in healthcare practice takes on a more efficient and effective process with EHR since the system can reliably provide reminders and warnings to both patients and clinicians pertaining to important schedules such as laboratory tests, therapy sessions, follow-up checkups, and other doctor’s orders and prescriptions.


Going paperless with EHR makes it easier to protect patients’ privacy because all the data is securely stored in electronic format. This prevents unauthorized access to the private data and readily identifies everyone who logs in to view, use, and update the information provided by the system.


Telehealth or telemedicine can now be done using a competent EHR system. With telemedicine, health practitioners are able to conduct remote patient treatment and monitoring in real-time from anywhere in the world through online video conferences done via smartphones, tablets, and other wearables and wireless devices. This kind of remote healthcare setup is also helpful in providing personalized treatment to patients and often prevents hospitalization or re-admission in most cases.


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