EHR and patient safety

EHR and Patient Safety: What Improves with an Electronic Health Record

From appointment scheduling to prescription pickups, an electronic health record (EHR) helps with patient-relation processes. It may not be apparent, but this plays an important role in patient safety.

There’s a lot to learn about how EHR and patient safety work together, and here are four ways Zoobook Systems improve a patient’s safety.


Improved Decision Making

Medical conclusions need to be done with precision. With an EHR, clinicians see the full picture of their patient’s health. From test results, vital signs, lab results, and other diagnoses, a patient’s complete medical information is available at a glance.

Doctors and medical staff members can secure the safety of patients with an EHR’s accuracy with information. This is how they can come up with detailed diagnoses, treatment plans, and prescriptions more easily and with reduced errors.


Reduced Adverse Events

From medication to missed diagnoses, it is important for health care providers to minimize adverse events. Being non-discriminatory, EHRs promote patient safety by implementing a system that works for all medical staff.

Prescriptions, for example, are made with available standardized information of the patient’s allergies, current medication, and previous diagnoses. This prevents medication errors that may pose harm to a patient.


Enhanced Integrated Care

There is a risk of misinterpretation when a patient’s medical information is handed from one clinician to another. From doctors, nurses, radiologists, medical technicians, and administrative staff, it is important to have an organized system.

Coordination with different medical staff workers is improved with an EHR, making for safe integrated care. This creates a consolidated approach required by patients with chronic or complex cases, like those in behavioral health, mental health, and addiction treatment facilities, who need an overall health team.


Increased Patient Compliance Rate

Aside from scheduling follow-ups, homecare compliance is important in an ambulatory treatment plan. EHR systems have the option to send alerts and reminders to patients even when they are outside your facility. Whether it’s a prompt for their next appointment or a notification to purchase their prescription, an EHR aids in keeping patients safe with aftercare services.


Easy Access to Historical Information

With improved access to electronic health records, health care providers get a clearer view of a patient’s history. Instead of previous charts being locked away, an electronic system can retain a patient’s full history at the ready for clinicians and medical professionals to review and consult when making decisions.

Record systems improve when you get an EHR, and patient safety is just one of the things that advances with it. Choose an EHR that knows exactly what the patient needs and what is needed from a patient; choose an EHR made for clinicians by clinicians. Zoobook Systems is an insightful EHR that equips health care providers with all important patient information. This reduces medical error and improves record maintenance. 


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