Criteria for Choosing the Best EHR Solutions

Criteria for Choosing the Best EHR Solution

With the emergence of technology that allows medical facilities to fully digitize their clinical processes, more clinicians are looking into EHR solutions that best suit their needs in streamlining their work flow and maximizing patient care and treatment.

Choosing an EHR that addresses a clinical facility’s time management, organizational, and patient care needs require a thorough assessment of the capabilities of the EHR system. Often, different EHRs have varying features that cater to specific clinical functions. The key is in knowing exactly what your clinic needs from an EHR solution and finding one that is packed with a wide range of functionalities that can best improve patient monitoring and clinical management.

Here is a list of criteria every clinic should consider in choosing the best EHR solution:


Budget is always a major consideration for any business, so it’s understandable that you want an EHR system that will give you the best value for your money. You have to factor in the licensing or activation costs as well as the regular subscription rates with the vendor. To determine whether an EHR solution is cost-efficient for your clinical operations, consider the manpower hours, organizational convenience, patient care engagement, administrative assistance, and overall practicality the EHR system brings to the table. If the value is commensurate with (or even exceeds) the EHR expenses and fees, then you would know that it will be worth the investment.


An EHR system should provide convenience for all the users in your organization. One important factor in choosing an EHR is its ability to introduce its functionalities with the least complication and confusion among users. It should be easy to use and customizable so that users can readily adjust their settings based on their needs and routine tasks. The EHR should have an intuitive system that matches your clinic’s workflow and processes. Most EHR vendors offer live demonstrations or free trials to familiarize prospective buyers with their system and introduce the benefits their EHR solution will bring to the organization. Avail of these free demos to gauge which EHR will best work for you.


Your EHR solution should have a smart calendar feature that not only helps with scheduling appointments and giving pop-up reminders but also maximizes the time and effort people put into their work. It should help the staff in providing necessary progress reports, patient data, and attendance charts that are easily shared online and updated in real-time across the organization so that no time is wasted in paper documentation and manual transmittal of information.


EHR data stored in the cloud should be securely accessed only by authorized personnel within the organization. Choose an EHR solution that strictly adheres to security and privacy protocols pertaining to patient records and clinical processes. Also, check if the EHR system provides responsive customer care and technical assistance service that is available 24/7 as this will be vital in ensuring the security and smooth functionality of the EHR software at all times.

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