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21st Century Cures Act and EHR–Compliance in 2022

By Aaron Morein The 21st Century Cures Act, referred to as the Cures Act, includes new guidelines regarding health information exchange. Non-compliance exposes practices to fines of up to $1 million per violation. The law, passed in 2016, enacted in 2020, had a deadline for compliance extended due to COVID-19. Let’s take a look at […]

No Surprises Act Summary

By Aaron Morein Surprise! In 2020, congress passed the No Surprises Act, which protects patients from unexpected medical bills. Those rules which have been finalized were implemented January 1st, 2022. Providers will need to stay abreast of new rules and modifications coming out later this year.  Why was the No Surprises Act Passed? Patients often […]

Cloud-based EHR & Server-based EHR – Differences in 2022

By Aaron Morein Healthcare providers must decide between two systems for maintaining electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR)–a cloud-based or a server-based system.  One deciding, and yet often abstruse, factor is security. In recent years, cloud-based EHR has increasingly replaced server-based EHR. By 2017, already two-thirds of health systems and hospitals had […]