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10 Tips to Fight Anxiety

For most people, experiencing anxiety is a part of life. All of us get stressed out and feel anxious when dealing with a problem. Anxiety is a familiar emotion that causes rapid heart rate and other physical manifestations such as stomach trouble, muscle numbness, headache, dizziness, or even shortness of breath. However, there are people […]

The True Value of EHR

Through the years, more healthcare institutions have been shifting to EHR in their practice management to further maximize their organizational processes and improve workflow. In fact, certain EHR systems have proven to be effective time management tools even with private clinics as well as mental health and addiction treatment facilities. Clinicians from around the world […]

Criteria for Choosing the Best EHR Solution

With the emergence of technology that allows medical facilities to fully digitize their clinical processes, more clinicians are looking into EHR solutions that best suit their needs in streamlining their work flow and maximizing patient care and treatment. Choosing an EHR that addresses a clinical facility’s time management, organizational, and patient care needs require a […]

From Papers to Paperless: A Guide to Modern EHR

The old traditional process of record-keeping in medical and clinical facilities has been modernized and made a lot more convenient and reliable by technology. It used to be that every patient has a physical paper trail of clinical records that need to be manually recorded, passed around for update and review, and then filed and […]

Telemedicine Revolutionizes Healthcare

Gaining access to quality healthcare and medical assistance is now made more convenient with the emergence of technological breakthroughs that allow remote consultations from anywhere in the world. For the past years, telemedicine (also known as telehealth) has broken the barriers of distance and medical communications for elderly and physically incapacitated individuals, who are now […]

NJPN Conference

Come visit Zoobook at the NJPN Conference on Friday, May 10 in Atlantic City! LET US TELL YOU HOW TO CAPITALIZE ON THE STATE’S $42,000 INCENTIVE PROGRAM FOR EHR ADOPTION! See our NJSAMS extraction! See our integrated scheduling, clinical documentation, HR management, billing, and payroll systems! See how integration saves you TIME and makes you […]

Why facilities hesitate to replace paper charts with electronic health records?

Most facilities recognize the excessive administrative burden of collecting and filing paper forms, transcribing information from paper forms into spreadsheets and documents, keeping information current as clients make changes, tracking expiration dates, and checking files prior to an inspection to ensure that no files have been removed or misfiled. Zoobook EHR significantly reduces administrative effort […]