From Papers to Paperless: A Guide to Modern EHR

From Papers to Paperless: A Guide to Modern EHR

The old traditional process of record-keeping in medical and clinical facilities has been modernized and made a lot more convenient and reliable by technology. It used to be that every patient has a physical paper trail of clinical records that need to be manually recorded, passed around for update and review, and then filed and repeatedly retrieved for reference during progress notes and report filing by clinicians.

These days, the tedious process of dealing with multitudes of paper documents can be replaced by a more efficient and paperless method of modern EHR or Electronic Health Record. With this amazing technology, all the clinic’s records are digitized and made available on every clinical staff’s tablet anytime, anywhere.

For clinicians, modern EHR enables them to do their job seamlessly without the hassle and clutter of physical paper records. They are able to manage their time better as there’s less work involved when they use modern EHR to get things done the right way and in a more efficient approach.

One such modern EHR is the Zoobook EHR, which boasts of a powerful software that is unparalleled in streamlining clinical processes and organizing medical records in real-time. The Zoobook EHR has been helping hundreds of behavioral and mental health treatment facilities in fully digitizing their clinical records to enable a more efficient monitoring of patient progress and provide an organized overview of the clinic’s daily, weekly, and annual work flow.

If you and your team are running a behavioral, mental health, and addiction treatment facility, then you will find that the Zoobook EHR is the perfect choice to go paperless in organizing your clinical work processes and therefore maximizing everyone’s time in your institution.

With the Zoobook EHR, all your clinical records are stored online and made instantly yet securely available and accessible among your staff and clinicians. There is a Group Curriculum which is every clinician’s virtual (yes, paperless!) filing cabinet where they can easily upload their workbooks, practice guides, and handouts to be accessed anytime they are needed.

The user-friendly interface of the Zoobook EHR also gives customizable and functional dashboards with active links that directly opens patient chart updates and with over 20 widgets to facilitate clinical, HR, and administrative processes.

The unique Zoobook software also features a powerful time management tool with smart calendars that do much more than scheduling appointments and giving pop-up reminders. The smart calendars help facilitate urine collection, residential occupancy, attendance, chart management, staff office processes, and a lot more.

Moreover, your HR can definitely benefit from the Zoobook EHR’s multi-site programs that help manage evaluations, training, clinical supervision, tax documents, schedules, and credentials through the Employee Module.

To find out if the Zoobook EHR works best in helping your organization go paperless, call 1-800-995-6997 to request for a free demo. You may also visit the Zoobook Sysems website at for more information on the unique features and remarkable benefits of the Zoobook EHR.

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