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We not only solve our client’s immediate problem from a technical standpoint, but also offer strategy consulting on top.


Zoobook Team works with behavioral health, mental health and addiction treatment facilities to grow their monthly revenue, cut their expenses and improve their clinical outcomes.

Unlike other software development companies, Zoobook Team brings a very deep understanding of the business and clinical process as well as what is needed for building an efficient operation by improving the effectiveness and efficiency, compliance with State and DMHAS regulations, clinical outcomes for your clients with actual and measurable results, help facilities overcome audit problems, ensure documentation guidelines compliance and secure revenue.

Zoobook EHR was designed for behavioral, mental health and addiction service providers of all types (outpatient, inpatient, residential, detox).

Where we bring the most value for you

Every facility has its own hurdles. Our Services are flexible to fit the unique problems that you are facing, but at a high-level. This is what is involved for most projects:

  • Business & Clinical Process Audit

  • Paperwork Reduction & Process Automation

  • Ongoing Training & Coaching

  • Custom Design & Development

  • Clinical & Business Process Roadmap

  • Business Strategy & Measures to improve ROI

We’ll adapt to YOU because we are flexible in our approach.

We work with behavioral health facilities at varying stages of maturity

Hi! My name is Anna.

I’m the President / CEO of Zoobook Systems LLC. I have struggled for years with my facility, Journey To Wellness when it came to paperwork, clinical records, billing and compliance. I worked 12-14 hours daily at the facility losing money and being awake at night worrying about the compliance, paperwork and possible audit concerns. I was searching for the right EHR/EMR system for years but could not find the right one. Finally, I started my own EMR / EHR software company, developed my own product - Zoobook EHR, implemented and used it at my facility with the help of clinicians, software engineers, experts on Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid audits, certified billers and coders.

After crying and struggling for years now I am always smiling. I saved the business, time for my clinical staff and finally have life work balance and YOU will too with the implementation of our Zoobook EHR.

Here is my recent case study to give you an idea of what our Zoobook Team was able to do for our treatment facility Journey To Wellness, Inc.

I wanted to get my new EMR platform right the first time and not have to:

  • Waste clinician time and energy fumbling through paper charts, creating progress notes using a word file, copying and pasting group progress notes with multiple errors, collecting signatures from clients, clinicians, supervisors and not be able to produce treatment plans in a timely manner

  • Rely on clinicians not to forget to report positive urine screens, no-shows and progress reports to referral sources

  • Producing paperwork compliant with DMHAS and State regulations last minute before an audit

  • Worrying about billable hours produced and the accuracy of the billing reports

  • Collecting data on client’s no-shows and re-scheduling manually by flipping through paper charts pages

  • Manually process surveys, clinical indicators and outcomes

  • Commit to the wrong EHR/EMR platform and suffer a complex and messy migration down the road

  • Spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily by having the wrong priorities in place

How the team was able to help

We kicked things off with our Clinical and Business process Roadmap, which gave us a chance to talk through the business and clinical process that management had in mind and bridge that with the technical set up that would get them there. The roadmap included:

  • Specific Navigation Menu Recommendation

    for delivering the structure of the employee and client’s files compliant with DMHAS and State regulations

  • User friendly interface

    that will give them a lot of flexibility and keep things running lean on Zoobook EHR site

  • Different strategies

    for measuring counselor's productivity, clinical outcomes, clinical quality measures and billing accuracy

  • What reports to prioritize and see the most viable data on a dashboard

    for delivering the structure of the employee and client’s files compliant with DMHAS regulations; show data that allowing the management to make timely decisions.

  • Set up the automation

    to deliver instant, easy to use reporting system to referral sources

  • Create a better tracking system

    around user actions and important metrics that their supervisors can use to monitor their clinical activities, hours worked, keep track of all supervision sessions, track referrals, authorizations for services, clients’ no-shows, ect.

  • Integrate and import

    urine analysis data automatically from the lab into our Zoobook EHR.

  • Integrate NJSAMS

    with our Zoobook EMR to be able to import data from NJSAMS by a click of a mouse

  • Brainstorm ideas

    on how to improve client’s attendance, retention, client’s experience and clinical outcomes

  • Implement Medication Reconciliation Module and E-prescribe

    to help clinical staff record allergies, medications and reduce risk of medication errors.

What the results have been so far

The result for JTW was an EHR that serves users better:

  • Easy to manage work flow

  • Counselors productivity and time management improvement

  • Improved quality and compliance of clinical documentation

  • Eliminates time to spend on filing

  • Limits liability for missing or improper data

  • Produces timely reports

  • Allows to instantly report to referral sources in a timely manner and see unreported items

  • Considerably reduces time counselors spend on producing treatment plans (from 45 min to 15min), treatment plans reviews (from 20 min to 10 min), progress notes (from 15 min to 6 minutes), comprehensive assessments (from 3 hours to 1.75 hours, monthly progress reports (from 30 min to 5 min)

  • Reduces time to produce letters to clients and referral sources from 15 min to 5 min

  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention by having a user friendly, intuitive EHR navigation interface.

  • Keeps track of pending items, including authorizations and TO DOs

We were able to improve client’s attendance and retention, increase counselors satisfaction and higher productivity, improve reporting requirements and increase referral sources satisfaction with our services, receive more revenue for the business, achieve competitive advantage and reach our goals for operational excellence.

Why Facilities Hesitate to Replace Paper Charts With Electronic Health Records?

  1. Most facilities recognize the excessive administrative burden of collecting and filing paper forms, transcribing information from paper forms into spreadsheets and documents, keeping information current as clients make changes, tracking expiration dates, and checking files prior to an inspection to ensure that no files have been removed or misfiled. Zoobook EHR significantly reduces administrative effort and free up staff time to work with the clients.
  2. Agency directors are often concerned that electronic health records and signatures are not legal documents in their state. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and the Federal Government have adopted electronic transaction laws that establish the legal equivalence of electronic records and signatures with paper writings and manually-signed signatures, removing barriers to electronic records. Regardless of location, electronic forms with electronic signatures are legally binding documents. To learn more please visit the
  3. Information security and privacy are key concerns of treatment providers. Your organization retains exclusive and full ownership and rights to information you submit and store in Zoobook EHR. The only use we make of the information you store in Zoobook EHR is to provide you with your monthly service. We never use your information for any other purpose.

    Zoobook EHR Cloud Storage Architecture is hosted on secure Amazon Web Services. We provide additional layers of security by database encryption and more:


    Connections to Zoobook EHR web application are encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with X25519), and a strong cipher (AES_256_GCM). The HTTPS certificate is issued by the Comodo Group Inc.

    Email Encryption

    Emails being sent from Zoobook EMR are encrypted by Paubox 256 bit AES encryption.

    Fax Sending Encryption

    Faxes are sent from Zoobook EMR via InterFAX Secure Faxing.
  4. Some providers are concerned that they do not have the technical skills to use electronic health records. Our Zoobook EHR is intuitive and easy to use. If you have basic skills to use Excel, Word, and a browser, you have the skills to use our service. In addition we provide written instructions, instruction videos, live web training, and excellent customer support from our Customer Success Team. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Why the Majority of Behavioral Health Providers Hate Their EHR Systems But Still Using Them?

It’s like a bad marriage. Once you invest in it, it can be difficult if impossible to move on – but know this -- switching to Zoobook Systems is the best decision you can make today so that your future can be stress-free. We will easily take care of all the headaches when seamlessly transferring the data from your current provider to our Zoobook EHR system. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on You, Your facility, Your operation, Your clients!

We care about the work providers do in the world and strive to provide you with the best tools to run your organization and programs, focus on client’s treatment, fight opioid epidemic instead of battling with your EHR and billing services. We are happy to join you in this important journey.

Ready to see if we are a good fit?

We always start with learning more about your facility and what’s at stake. We do not take on any projects that we aren’t confident will be a ROI for you.

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